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Mobile Filming

Conveniently located where you need us! On-site, on set, your home or our studio. We are able to come to you virtually anywhere in the Hollywood North, Greater Vancouver Area.

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Professional Consulting

An actor, at every stage of their career, wants to know how to make themselves more marketable. Our team will audit your career and help you work towards success.

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Coaching & Mentoring

New to the industry? Parents, kids, teens, and adults alike inevitably find it tough to get the answers they need, we did too. Let us help you navigate the business so you get a good head start.

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Our Mission at Reels-on-Wheels

Entertaining people is a pursuit of passion, a vocation a person is blindly driven to do. Once your path is chosen, the real work begins.

Once you are working as an actor, your self-tapes and demo reels are what brand you for the casting directors. Our business is getting you the best facilities to produce these reels where you are. Booking studio time can be difficult if you’re juggling time on set or family obligations, that’s why we come to you!

Getting to know how the industry works or knowing how your profiles are viewed by casting is another piece of the complex puzzle that is the acting industry in Vancouver. Our team has years of industry experience to help you navigate this complex and fluid industry.

on-site filming

Next Steps…

Get to know what we offer and what we can do for you, your career whether you’re an actor or the parent of an aspiring child or teen actor.

What We Do

June 27, 2018