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About Us


Our Vision

This is an industry where getting good, unbiased information or advice is difficult. Competition is fierce for every role available. We know how tough it is having worked in many facets of the film & television industry. Our goal is to provide actors with what they need from great audition self-tapes to honest career advice and coaching. Our team wants to help pull back the curtain and show you how to be successful!

Our Story

Our team got started out of a necessity in Hollywood North. Early on in our journey through the entertainment industry in Vancouver, we learned that balancing the logistics of auditions, self-tapes, coaching, and growing your brand left few hours to book time in a studio to film your material. Adding auditions while the actor is working on set complicated things even further. The decision was made to draw on our years of experience as performers, agents, mentors to build a service that took the stress out of getting your self-tapes to casting on time so as not to miss an opportunity in this highly competitive market. Our team built a mobile studio that can provide everything a brick-and-mortar shop could with the added bonus of setting up where the actor is; on-set, in a trailer, in their home or wherever we were needed that day.

Reels on Wheels Team

The Reels on Wheels team brings as diverse backgrounds as Vancouver actors. Decades of experience from corporate to performance will assist actors at all levels to achieve the results their agents are looking for.
Our team brings years of VO, acting, dance, and theatre as well as professional management, artist management and brand development to each shoot. Our unique approach helps the client understand what the industry is looking for to deliver the best taping and maximize their chances of booking their next role.


Marco Renna

Founder & Videographer

Marco is an experienced stage and commercial actor with a corporate background in photography, design, & communications.


Serena Renna

Consultant & Coach

Serena brings many years experience in coaching, mentoring and consulting actors as both an agent and mom of a successful child actor.



Office Administrator

Willow is our official greeter and lap warmer. She manages a team of cats and guinea pigs to ensure stress-free days in the office.

Next Steps…

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June 27, 2018