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Who We Are

Reels On Wheels!


Due in part to COVID-19 restrictions in BC imposed by the Provincial Health Officer, Reels on Wheels has had to severely restrict our services in accordance with the directives for the health and safety of our clients as well as our team. We are able to facilitate filming sessions over Zoom for our clients and will provide the same reading and delivery of final self-tapes to your team, however, cannot provide in-person filming sessions or access to our private studio at this time. We sincerely apologize for this unfortunate situation. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy; Reels on Wheels.

Last minute audition but you’re on-set filming? Can’t book studio time? Your smartphone videos just aren’t good enough for auditions and demos?

We are your solution.

Do you need to meet your self-tape deadline?

Book your session with one click below and we'll come to you!


What We Offer

On-site, We Come to You!

Booking studio time or relying on whomever you can find to hold your smartphone can be really stressful. This audition could be your opportunity and your audition clip quality could be the difference between a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No.’ Working actors and their agents rely on that next audition to further careers and earn a living. Don’t settle for ‘good enough’ anymore.

Your Schedule is Our Schedule

Looking ahead or under the gun, our team can help. Whether you need to get the reel into your agent tomorrow or in 4 hours, our team has the facilities to deliver. By being mobile, we can come to your location, in most cases, within the hour and have your audition filmed and distributed from your location. Simple, stress-free.

Reader, Coach, Scene Partners

It’s not easy to find an engaged scene partner or reader last minute or when you are stuck in a trailer in between shots. Our team, over the years, has worked with many actors helping and guiding them to the best takes possible. You can be confident that your audition will look and sound like professional actors were your partner and it was shot in a brick & mortar studio.

Industry-Standard Film & Audio Recordings

Selfies are great for Instagram and Facebook. The video and sound are passable without spending big dollars on mics and other accessories. Now try to balance that accessorized smartphone and your sides all while trying to keep in-frame. Our industry-standard rig with 4K capable camera, studio mics, lighting and professional editing software will deliver that top quality self-tape that casting wants to see.

Finally! Someone to help you when you need it most!

Your opportunities and auditions are precious. The difference between a callback and the sound of crickets could be as simple as your audition tape.

Don't leave anything to chance and call us first! Our team will come to you and deliver the audition reel casting is looking for ensuring you are seem in the best possible light and get the most out of every, single opprotunity that comes your way!

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Need an audition reel filmed? Contact us today! We come right to you. On set, on-site, or in-home full HD mobile studio with pro equipment and same-day upload and distribution to you, your agent and production. Discretion and professionalism is assured with our team.


Centrally Located, Always Mobile

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